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Eaglerise Is Pleased To Be Ranked 20th In The "Top 100 List"

Aug 22, 2022

The list of "top 100 Chinese LED lighting industry in 2021" was announced, and Eaglerise was honored to be on the list with excellent achievements!

It is reported that among the tens of thousands of LED lighting and lighting electrical enterprises in the country, 100 enterprises were selected based on the "sales performance". The competition is far more intense than "one in a hundred". Eaglerise won the "20th" in the evaluation, and the strength in the lighting field was recognized by the authority again.

In the past two years, the epidemic has normalized, the market demand has continued to slow down, and the brand competition has become increasingly fierce. Igor has accelerated the upgrading steps of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service. While actively seeking change, Eaglerise is also moving forward steadily, and has finally achieved good results.

In 2022, Eaglerise will accelerate the development and promotion of new products around market changes, continuously optimize the product performance structure around customer needs, deepen the industry, expand product coverage, and provide more excellent power and intelligent lighting solutions for each partner.