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Eaglerise Biodegradable Oil Transformer Passed Product Identification

Jun 08, 2022

Congratulations on Eaglerise biodegradable oil transformer successfully passing the product appraisal!

Eaglerise has been vigorously promoting natural ester insulating oil power transformers. Last year, the products passed UL certification and Kama certification, and were exported to European and American markets in large quantities. The SW (b) 20-m-30 ~ 2500/10-nx2 full series of biodegradable oil transformer products launched this year have reached the energy efficiency level 2 standard and are specially benchmarked to the domestic power distribution market. They have obtained a number of type test reports and have a good record of grid test run. This time, they have obtained the "blessing" of the new product identification certificate, which will certainly be more able to show their strength in the market.